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Coach AW15 LC:M
Coach AW15Photography Philip Trengove

Coach AW15

Stuart Vevers takes a Lynchian road trip through menswear’s most iconic pieces, set to the haunting ‘Lost Highway’ soundtrack

Initial reaction:

Adventure meets luxury. The brand’s foray into menswear took utility, military and cold weather pieces and reworked them for a more refined audience. Shearling layers, tough leathers and camo prints were all fused together to create a ruggedly luxe uniform for the new Coach man.

American beauty:

Backdrop images of eerily empty American landscapes provided the showspace for the stripped back, maison-style presentation. Music from David Lynch’s Lost Highway by collaborator Angelo Badalamenti played on as models presented Vever’s solid collection of jackets and accessories that looked built for travel. Shearling took the lead as it crept up in the lining of jackets and hi-tops. Styling wise, it was the more layers, the merrier. Leather jackets were worn under heavier coats that mixed leather and suede that looked almost armour like in their appeal.

How it was worn:

Vevers wasn’t shy in offering up the (leather) goods. Large tote bags seemingly built to store the world took centre stage whilst soft, camouflage prints came in the form of jackets, scarves and hats. These were pieces that look set for a trek out into the world, not just into wardrobes.

The soundtrack to Coach AW15: