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Kate Moss Naomi Campbell Gogglebox
Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Noel Gallagher in GoggleboxChannel 4

Watch Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell watch TV on Gogglebox

Thank you, Stand Up To Cancer, for gifting us with the image of two supermodels enjoying Strictly Come Dancing

BFFs Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell made a special appearance on Gogglebox for Channel 4's Stand Up To Cancer show, along with some guy called Noel Gallagher. While the words "televised charity event" is usually enough to strike fear into anybody's hearts and viewing schedules, we'll make a special exception for two iconic supermodels who are close enough to go to the loo in front of each other

Here is Noel Gallagher accusing Kate Moss of stealing all his crisps when she lived with him:

Here are Kate, Naomi and Noel Gallagher in total awe at a Superman dance routine. "We've done this in Mustique, haven't we?" Gallagher asks Kate. "At Jagger's house. We did a dance not dissimilar to this."

Here is Kate Moss deeply enjoying an X Factor cover of "Earth Song":

Best part of the whole show? When Naomi is so delighted with her correct answer for University Challenge that she accidentally smacks Kate in the face:

Jokes aside, the Stand Up To Cancer special raised £14.5 million for Cancer Research UK over the course of the show, up from last year's fundraiser of £8 million. Not bad work for two supermodels sitting on a sofa and watching reruns.

If nothing else, we will forever treasure the image of Naomi eating purple Monster Munch.

You can still donate online to Cancer Research UK.