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Cara Delevingne in a Self Evident Truths t-shirt@caradelevingne via Instagram

Cara Delevingne supports National Coming Out Day

‘I'm late... But better late than never. Don't be scared to be who you are.’

Cara Delevingne has never hidden her sexuality, but it's safe to say she doesn't publicly discuss it, either. Although the model has been linked in the past to Michelle Rodriguez, Jake Bugg and Harry Styles, she's always kept a tight lid on her sexual identity – or at least, she's been happier to fit herself under the label of "out for a good time" (or as she put it: "I'm young, I'm having fun").

That might be changing a little. Last night, Delevingne instagrammed herself wearing a "We Are You" t-shirt in support of Self Evident Truths, a photographic project that documents people "who identify as anything other than 100% straight".

"Doesn't matter who you are or what you believe it, we are one!" Delevingne wrote on Instagram. "Go get yourself one of these shirts right now! I'm late for National Coming Out Day but better late then never. Don't be scared to be who you are."

Delevingne also posted an image of her with Self Evident Truths founder and artist iO Tillett Wright, whose aim is to photograph 10,000 LGBTQ people in the USA and exhibit their portraits in front of the Washington Monument:

According to Wright, the idea behind Self Evident Truths is "to humanize a vast community through the simplicity of their faces, showing that we come in all shapes, sizes, races, and social strata, thus making it harder for people to discriminate against us". 

It's the first time that Delevingne has spoken, however obliquely, about her actual sexual identity – and it probably wouldn't surprise anybody who's seen paparazzi pictures of her cuddling up to Rodriguez on holiday or exiting a club with Styles. But it matters for the simple reason that this is Delevingne putting forward a definition of herself, on her own terms.

So whether this is Delevingne's way of coming out as somebody who isn't "100% straight" or not, she's already proving to be somebody who isn't afraid to push for greater LGBTQ acceptance and change. For that, we applaud her.