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Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs on Grindr: "I don't have any hang-ups about those kinds of things"

Marc Jacobs: ‘I went on Grindr a couple of times’

He also talked about his departure from Louis Vuitton and his feelings about Ghesquière's new reign

Marc Jacobs has always been refreshingly honest about his private life (and that includes posing happily naked for his own perfume campaign), so props to him for being pretty candid about going on Grindr. In a wide-ranging interview with Paper, Jacobs said that he signed up to the app with his ex-boyfriend, Brazilian porn star Harry Louis.

"I went on Grindr a couple of times," Jacobs confessed. "Well actually, with Harry he was like, 'Let's do a profile on Grindr.' And I did, and I met a couple people."

Jacobs said that he even showed his face in his profile pic, as opposed to posting one of those ubiquitous topless-from-the-neck-down shots).  

"Why not! I don't have any hang-ups about those kinds of things," he added. "I don't really care. Who's kidding who? I've talked about having hair transplants, I've talked about my drug problems, I've talked about my drinking problems, I've talked about sex. I just think it's so much better to sort of be honest about those things. I always find it very dubious and I don't really trust people who deny human instincts."

The designer also opened up about struggling to come to terms with his exit from Louis Vuitton and his subsequent replacement with Nicolas Ghesquière.

"I had a hard time looking at it at first," Jacobs said. "I think I got pretty down and depressed, but I love what Nicolas does. I really admire him and I have really great respect for him. I think they wanted a change, and I think the change they made is really good. It would be worse if somebody was doing a similar thing to me. But Nicolas does his thing, and I think it looks good and I get it. So I don't have any problem with it."

So basically, if you ever see somebody on Grindr who looks a lot like Marc Jacobs – yes, it probably is him.