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Acne Studios SS15 Paris Nigel Pacquette
Kasia Jujeczka (IMG) Acne Studios SS15Photography Nigel Pacquette

Acne SS15

Kitting out the girl who's always on the go – with abstract porno prints and shirts unbuttoned to the navel adding a dash of the erotic

Initial reaction:

An entire wardrobe for the jet setting lifestyle of the 21st century where we can change swiftly from meeting to party to pool mode in a fast-paced succession of sharp tailoring, 70s inflected silhouettes with ironic bling jewellery and terry cloth separates. Underneath the industrially lit-up space, models zoomed past as though they had planes to catch, people to see and a schedule of soirees to attend. 

The prints:

The amalgamation of nipple, fruit and veg on the poster artwork by Portuguese artist Raquel Dias was one clue, but as the flurry of what appeared to be floral prints whooshed by, we realised that they too were abstract pornographic clusters (and also anti-Instagram if you adhered to the no-nudity rules of the social media platform). 

Nips and tits out:

It’s a been a nippy season, and they were out and about in Acne’s show too, straining prominently under nude tops and cut-out bathing suits, and of course on those aforementioned erotica prints. Jonny Johansson probably imagines that this group of fast-living pretty young things is too busy to worry about anything as boring as underwear, as the shirts were left unbuttoned to the navel and sharp jackets and waistcoats were worn without bras.