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The Kent State jumper has now been yanked from Urban Outfitter stores

Urban Outfitters pull bloodstained Kent State jumper

The university was the target of a school shooting that killed four students in 1970

Urban Outfitters is the latest brand to become embroiled in a "bad taste" row after Zara had to pull its rather unfortunate "concentration camp" shirt last month. Who knew not offending absolutely everyone was so hard?

Urban Outfitters has come under fire for selling a "bloodstained" vintage Kent State University sweatshirt – on the university's campus in May 1970 the Ohio National Guard shot and killed 4 students who were protesting against President Nixon's military occupation of Cambodia.

The sweatshirt was retailing at $129 and has now either sold out or been yanked from stores. It's now turned up on eBay with a "Buy It Now" price of $2,500.

People took to Twitter this morning to register their displeasure at the poor taste pullover.

The retailer has previous for selling insensitive items. At the very beginning of 2014, it was forced to remove two t-shirts from shops – one carried the slogan "Depression", the other "Eat Less". After backlash from shoppers it agreed to stop selling the products.

Urban Outfitters even came under fire in 2012 for selling a shirt that evoked memories of the Holocaust – making it all the more unbelievable that Zara didn't learn from Urban Outfitters' mistakes.

Is its latest faux pas an accidental student massacre reference, or a deliberate, shock tactic marketing ploy?