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Nike Sportswear’s 1948 Space

Nike opens the doors to its new 1948 store in Shoreditch.

On Friday night Nike celebrated the opening of their new 1948 space on Bateman’s Row in Shoreditch, London. The space is set to be a premier site for Nike Sportswear, housing upcoming ranges including the NSW Collections, Tier Zero products, and creating a unique personal experiences for casual shoppers and fans alike.

The space features an inverted neon football pitch on the store ceiling, an installation designed by Oscar and Ben Wilson and pertinently entitled ‘Raise The Game.’ Below this, bespoke shop floor displays mimic tiered stadium seating, while the floor itself, created by Nike GRIND, is made up of recycled rubber in the form of 15,000 old pairs of trainer soles, giving the space a futuristic sporting atmosphere.

The opening of the store also marked the launch of the new 1948 magazine which covers both new and vintage products, profiles of staff, and with special contributors including members of the Run Dem Crew, the magazine is available in both digital and print.