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Thirsty by Katherine Bernard

The New York-based writer debuts her first short – a comic take on consumerism and the collective female brainpower wasted on online shopping

Fashion writer and Dazed contributor Katherine Bernard on Thirsty, her short film:

Thirsty is a short-short I made with friends in Marfa, TX in March. The concept – two women online shopping while counseling each other over the phone – was sparked by a hilarious interaction I witnessed and Instagrammed between Rachel Antonoff and Stacy Reader. One might (me, the director might) say it's sort of the art-sketch video version of Prada Marfa, updated to examine our online shopping tendencies. As a fashion writer, it's bothersome to think about the collective female mind power wasted on "What sandals should I buy?" and "What is my body type?" and I wanted to flesh out that default content – the way we describe clothes for women – and work it over with comedy. 

Our crew of four shot this video in Mary Farley's yard, where Larry Clark filmed Marfa Girl (2012). Mary has a brood of exquisite chickens, and I continue to have a crush on Bonnet, who was sleek black with a fluff of white feathers around her crown, but she hasn't called. After filming, we took a road trip to the Chinati Hot Springs. (Tepid water is relaxing, especially when it has such high Lithium content.) 

Special thank you to The Tropics Marfa, a new artist residency that sheltered me while I was in town, and The Range, whose music soundtracks Thirsty. I can be reached at: (Bonnet: please!)