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David LynchPhotography Brad Elterman

David Lynch designs a sportswear collection for women

Now you can do your sun salutations in a pair of limited edition Lynch Floral print leggings

It goes without saying that David Lynch should never be underestimated: after all, this is the Twin Peaks auteur who once said that absurdity is what he likes most in life and spreads his talents across music, film, TV, or whatever he feels like doing on any given day. But we're still struggling to get our heads round his latest venture – designing workout clothes for women. Who saw THAT coming?

Lynch has created a line of activewear for fitness-focussed women in collaboration with Live The Process, an online health hub that markets itself as "a guide to wellness and holistic health as seen through a modernist lens". You can get Lynch-designed corset bras, scoop bras and geometric leggings, all offered in the limited edition Lynch Floral print and retailing between $100 and $200.

But before you start screaming "sell-out", Lynch's collection is in the name of a good cause: portions of the proceeds will go to victims of abuse. Feel free to accessorise with Catching the Big Fish, the filmmaker's self-penned ode to transcendental meditation and living the good life.

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