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Jeremy "Sexy Felon" Meeks has been offered a modelling contract

‘Hot mugshot guy’ lands $30,000 modelling contract

An LA modelling agency is convinced Jeremy Meeks could walk the runway for brands like Versace and Armani

Jeremy Meeks, variously known as "Hot Mugshot Guy", "Sexy Felon", or "Handsome Convict", has been offered a $30,000 modelling contract by an LA-based agency called Blaze Modelz, TMZ reports. The 30-year-old has also gained an agent in the form of Gina Rodriguez, who has worked with clients such as Dina and Michael Lohan as well as Nadya "Octomom" Suleman. Insert "crime does pay" joke here. 

Meeks became an internet phenomenon when his mugshot on Stockton Police Department's Facebook page went viral, all on account of a police record which includes identity fraud and grand theft. Just kidding, it was because of his piercing gaze and perfect cheekbones! 

A spokesperson for Blaze Modelz (the "z" is intentional) told TMZ that "gangster models are hot right now". The agency claims that it could easily book Meeks for high-end brands such as Versace and Armani, so maybe those photoshopped pictures of Meeks in fashion campaigns might not be too far off from the truth.  

Sadly, Meeks may face an uphill battle to his future career in fashion. He is currently awaiting trial on weapons charges and his bail is currently set at $900,000. Meeks' mother, Katherine Angiers, has been trying to raise money to help meet the bail costs, although she has only raised just over $5,000 of her $25,000 target.