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Primark debunks 'cry for help' labels as a hoax

The SOS messages left in the high street garments have been labelled a scam

Primark has discredited two of the "cry for help" labels found inside its clothing as "more likely than not, a hoax carried out in the UK".

Last week, Welsh customer Rebecca Gallagher discovered a handstitched message in her £10 dress with the words "Forced to work exhausting hours". A few days later, another Welsh shopper came forward with a similar handwritten label that read "Degrading sweatshop conditions". Both garments were brought in 2013. 

"The labels are clearly from the same source," a Primark spokesperson told Vogue. "It is almost impossible to imagine circumstances in which such similar labels could have been sewn onto the garments at the factory where they were made, given that they were made by different suppliers, in different factories, on different continents, one in Romania and the other in India, thousands of miles apart."

But Primark is still investigating a third SOS message that was discovered in a pair of trousers bought in a Belfast store. The note, which was written in Chinese on a piece of paper, accused Primark of using Chinese prisoners to manufacture clothes and called on the international community to condemn the Chinese government for allowing the practice (you can read the full message here).

So, the question is: do you believe Primark?