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Roberto Cavalli SS15 Mens collections, Dazed backstage
Max Rendell (Bananas) backstage at Roberto Cavalli SS15Photography Luca Grottoli

Roberto Cavalli SS15

Welcome to Miami: Cavalli turns Milan into an 80s playboy club, parking his own Ferrari on the runway

Initial reaction:

Miami Vice, Italian playboy style. Closing Milan with a high-octane show, Roberto Cavalli tapped right into the eighties mood that’s been permeating so many of this week’s collections. In Milan, designers have either been exploring a sober reality or a heady, nostalgic escapism, and Cavalli definitely leaned towards the latter. He approached it from a relaxed, languid angle – boys swaggered out in Miami pastels, sprawling tropical motifs and signature animal prints interrupted by neon lines. Instead of going hard-edged eighties, Cavalli took silhouettes down an almost loungewear path with softly pleated trousers and slinky shirts, buttoned way down to there for maximum chest/abs viewing.

The Playboy Club:

“It’s about the Italian man – with the chain necklace, the dark glasses, the way that he moves, you see that he’s Italian. He’s an Italian playboy,” Roberto Cavalli said with a laugh before the show.

Roberto Takes Miami:

Every playboy needs a hot car, and Cavalli's own 1970 Ferrari Daytona was parked on the runway with a makeshift ‘LOVE’ number plate, in front of neon scaffolding alluding to Miami’s nightlife. “It’s my baby, my baby,” Cavalli told us of his wheels, explaining that this season had sprung from his prolific photography hobby. “I travel a lot and I always get inspiration from my photos. When I look at them, I see beautiful palms, a beautiful red sky, a beautiful white car and I say, my God, this is it,” he said of the Miami travels and memories that had sparked SS15.

The soundtrack to Roberto Cavalli SS15:

Last season Cavalli's collection was one of artisanal, opulent rock 'n' roll. See it below: