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Dazed Overdose Tues 17th Feb: Karen Langley

Karen is falling in love with Diesel and rubbing shoulders with DiCaprio and Armani in New York.

Rodarte was the first show of the day. Everyone loved it. Carrying the themes that the sisters have become renowned for but the collection seemed more sophisticated and adopted a super sexy edge.

Diesel Black Gold was amazing. Creating the opposite picture to Mr MJ the collection was a deconstructed elegance. Disheveled models stomped down the runway grunged up but with small delicate details that hinted to the glamorous garments you are led to believe each look was once constructed from.

Then it was Marc by Marc Jacobs before heading to Dazed contributor KT Auleta's debut film screening. Runaround is a coming of age film focusing on the life and loves of three girls in their late teens. So incredibly beautifully shot, KT outdid everyone’s expectations. So, so, proud. We love you KT!!

After a quick sprint across town to the G-Star show I popped my head in to the impressive new Emporio Armani store on Fifth Avenue. Bumped in to Leonardo DiCaprio and Mr Armani himself, necked a cocktail or two and then headed back down town for the Adidas store opening. A couple more drinks and a short stroll home and I passed out in preparation for an early start.