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Emporio Armani AW14

If the Blues Brothers had sisters they'd wear pinstripes with pearls and giant bowler hats

TextEmma WymanPhotographyLea Colombo

Initial reaction:

The Blues Brothers’ sophisticated sisters: satin ties, slim suits, and outsized pinstripe trousers.

Pearls, pearls, pearls:

Hundreds of tiny white pearl orbs underscored the heavy masculine influences with a timeless femininity. They dotted toes and hung like googly eyes from loafers; they trimmed black satin collars and ties, and peppered leather gloves like studs; and on languid trousers they came in neat vertical lines, like pinstripes.

How they wore it:

With enormous bowler hats that engulfed heads and left a mysterious shadow over the eyes.

How they walked it:

Glancing from side to side at the front row and audience. No doubt a nightmare for the photographers in the pit, but it gave some sense of the personality of this decorated, promenading Armani woman. 

Stand out look:

A monster white shaggy fur cape, bled through with black and turquoise.