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Missoni AW14

Totally rad surfers take a Pacific trip in festival blankets, Missoni knits and ‘mandals’

Initial reaction:

Everybody goes surfing: chuck the board and bonfire blanket in the boot, Missoni’s taking us for Pacific winter sun.

Stand out looks:

The quilted and knitted blankets thrown round shoulders, patchworked in murky pinks, greens and browns. Like the blankets you carry to festivals, or cocoon yourself in round a bonfire on the beach with friends – post surf.

How they wore it:

With luxe wool suiting – like what surf bums wear on work days – and with supple burnt orange suede jackets. Thick hooded knitted sweaters like those you find in hazy, incense shops were worn with blazers, while cardigans with shearling collars and lapels had a seventies pimp vibe. Beards and lengthy locks preferable.

Viral moment:

The ‘mandals’ – Jesus sandals in brown leather, worn with thick grey woollen socks, and featuring a fetching fur trim poking out from the sole like a two-in-one shoe floor duster.

House codes:

Eschewing the zig zag brights of collections past, the Missoni house pattern felt strengthened here by neutral colours, murky browns, and unassuming greys. The classic chevron came distorted and warped.