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Photography by Jacques Habbah

Vivienne Westwood Gold Label SS14

Distorted nursery tales in fine warrior knits, red riding hood capes and appliqué gowns

Initial reaction:

Westwood’s warriors protest through the dirt in gowns.


Socially engrained tales: Shakespeare, nursery rhyme and the ongoing environmental drama.

The look:

Models had golden dirt splatters across their faces, and hair was pushed forward into a messy bouffant by Sam McKnight.


Bow and arrows slung around the waist, a Bo Peep crook, and a tartan rose flower head piece.

The message:

Continuing her climate revolution, for this collection Westwood wanted to remind us that 'everything is connected' and that we can all make a difference.

Stand out look:

The leather lace flower appliqués over sheer tulle.


The show was held inside Le Centorial - a former bank in the centre of Paris. Westwood filled it with smoke and models appeared from escalators.

Unexpected details:

Leopard print platforms, knee high socks covered in dollar signs and separate embroidered sleeves worn like hand-less gloves.


Delicate sheer knit and fishnet layers, a pixelated stingray print and a red fabric that crinkled like paper.


Deranged opera mix by Dominik Emrich, listen below.