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Photography by Jacques Habbah

Yohji Yamamoto SS14

A deconstructed rave: neon layers, subtle feminine silhouettes and pieced together suiting

Initial reaction:

Gone ravin’ in stomping boots and neon layers.


Neon orange – an indication of things to come.

Stand out looks:

The slatted dress in emergency orange revealing peeps of skin beneath, and the maroon, randomly gathered and sheer dress with bright blue sleeves that morphed into gloves.

Unexpected details:

Deconstructed shoulders and sleeves reattached with lacing, ties and bows on sharply cut suits, and the criss cross of braces over white shirts hinting at bondage.


Subtly feminine, with the suggestion of corset shapes in amongst the layers of neon.


Like powdered grey judges’ wigs, teased and torn and tied to the head, with wired plaits and schoolgirl bunches.


Masculine brogues for the formal looks, and neon Doc Marten-like boots for all those raving bright layers.


A pixelated camouflage on loose shirt and skirt combos, buttoned once at the waist.

Model behaviour:

Yumi Lambert in the ‘Yamamoto Army’ finale of deconstructed shirts and suiting, eyebrows blanked out and a sweep of white shadow across the eyes and temples.

Left us wanting:

One or two of the final oversized shirts in orange, black or blue, belted in neon. A perfect distillation of the collection.