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Stain Glass Story

Themes of devotion are played out in Bradley Bell's film for Illustrated People AW13

In Stain Glass Story, Bradley Bell takes the opulant religious icongraphy of Illustrated People's SS13 collection to produce a moving triptych based on the architecture of the Sistene Chapel and rendered using green screen filming and Maya programming. Riffing on themes of Adam and Eve, who here sweetly light each other's cigarettes before jogging off into a computer-animated new dawn, the Baptism of Jesus and the Last Judgement, replete with hulky weight-lifting "God". It is the Holy Book as told by the yoof of today - incredibly, Bradley created the short, in collaboration with Pablo Jones-Soler, while still a student at the Chelsea College of Art and Design for the east London label, whose poptastic 90's collection centres on digital prints in vivid hues. An explosion of neo-cultish goodness.