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Ann Demeulemeester Menswear SS14

A dark and twisted journey down Wisteria Lane

There is always a subtle narrative that weaves its way through Ann Demeulemeester’s collections. These stories are often surrounded by mystery and never quite full revealed.

Yesterday, it felt like she was toying with the idea of spring – or at least her interpretation of it. A dark floral print ran down the front of jackets and the side of trousers – at first reminiscent of cherry blossom, before eventually developing into a bolder and more intricate design, suggestive of calligraphy. Stripes also featured heavily this season, at first in monochrome before forming a bold red - a rather optimistic colour for the Belgium minimalist. Silhouettes were as loose and androgynous as ever, Demeulemeester looking back to her own archive and reminding us of the story she has already told.