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Krisvanassche Menswear SS14

Geometric precision with a sportswear mentality

Kris Van Assche has always been a man with an eye for excruciating detail, and his sportswear-inspired venture for SS14 proved to be no different.

In Van Assche’s world, even a seemingly mundane zipper pocket across the chest of polo shirts and V-neck vests presents a challenge in geometric precision and structure. Prints aren’t simply left as that: polka dots are presented in varying degrees of abstraction and inversion while crocodile print organically spreads itself across the chest of a crisply collared shirt. Dark spring green alongside bright doses of tangerine orange and electric red provided an energising jolt of colour alongside the abundance of black and white.

Rather than succumbing to any oversized notions of athleticism, Van Assche kept his looks (literally) strapped in tight with nylon belted anorak coats, and streamlined in the form of single-pleated, ankle-grazing trousers.