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Tsheca at Storm & Farah Holt at Union, @FarahHoltPhotography Louise Damgaard

Christopher Raeburn AW13

50s battle dress jackets, Russian Breton knitwear and a roaring 20s line

Christopher Raeburn titled his AW13 collection Optics. This is a designer who see his client clearly. 

Known for fabrication, Raeburn continues his signature sourcing, designing and creating of fabrics, developing felted wool, Teflon-coating for rain resistance and a bespoke grain wool degradé. 

Military derived, 50s battle dress jackets and Russian Breton knitwear were referenced, done with a with a kind of roaring 20s line on cloche baseball caps and dramatic collars, which would have a totally different context were they realised in fur or velvet instead of meticulous tech. A pragmatic wardrobe, shabby won't become of this designer's hardwearing sportswear chic.

Models pictured: Mariah Morrison (@mariahm0rrison), Stephanie Carta (@turnitupcarta), Lela Wang (@LelaWang), Farah Holt (@FarahHolt)