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Tomek Szalanski at Soul Artist ManagementPhotography Mark Reay

Duckie Brown AW13

Daniel Silver and Steven Cox can the soundtrack to their accomplished collection – and equip showgoers with electronic cigarettes

A quarter of the way through the Duckie Brown menswear show, the bass-heavy music cut off. No one knew for sure whether it was intended, and after ten looks walked past in utter silence, one show goer chimed in with a soft, melodic whistle. "That's so beautiful!" designer Daniel Silver said when I told him about the rogue flutist. Duckie Brown finds excitement in the unconventional. While most shows place bottles of green juice or tiny parcels with nail polish on their chairs, the duck duo greeted guests with samples of electronic cigarettes.

Models pictured:Bryce Mattias (@brycecasual), Robert Laby (@RobertLaby), Andre Bona (@andregbona), Marc Frick (@MarkFrick)  Max Von Isser (@MaxvonIsser) Matt King (@mattking07)

Clothes-wise, alterations to expectations were the core thrust of the designers' exploration this season. Their proportional play with outerwear felt almost like teasing: classic wool coats fastened in the back with one button at the base of the neck. The would-be collar stuck out like two mini shark fins. Knee-length sweatshirts were layered under short, fitted jackets, turning the traditional short-jumper-under-long-overcoat mode on its head. At the finale, the music came back (does it sound like these guys do anything unintentionally?) and a gentleman in the front row gave a thumbs up to a friend across the aisle. "It's not magic," Silver said, "It's not like some crazy ass thing. We're having a conversation with our audience." Good talk.

Casting Polaroids courtesy of Duckie Brown