Phoebe English SS13 film

Light, shade and shooting through binoculars as we premiere English's new season clip

Phoebe English's designs focus on handwork and engineered surfaces, how a garment interacts with the female body. Resurrecting lost, forgotten or little-used techniques, English respects construction over decoration. Here we premiere the designer's SS13 film, directed by Marie Kristiansen, as English fills us in on the context.

"The collection played on the themes of doubles and pairs, so we did some parts where the garments jumped and interchanged into different colourways. We also played around with light and slow motion movement to show the glass beads in the collection.

We worked with light and shade as the collection is mainly monotone, looking at photography by Arthur Tress. When we have worked on films previously we have often explored different voyeuristic perspectives, so this time we took the theme a bit further and Marie shot alot of the detail through binoculars.

The best thing about being a designer is working with other people and I am always influenced by the attention to detail that I experienced with Mr Pearl as well as the composition and design skills I saw with Louise Wilson. I try and remember these things every time I start working.

If it doesn't make you feel high, then stop making it."

Film courtesy of Phoebe English
Music Gabriel Bruce