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Diesel Black Gold AW13

A rock and roll trip to outer space

Diesel Black Gold's AW13 collection, styled by Dazed's senior fashion editor Robbie Spencer, imagines a psychedelic rock band on a cosmic tour. But really you don't need to know that. 

Instead, what to be aware of is that fashion is creeping back towards an expression of personality again, away from profligate I-can-too minimalism. In a broader context, strict and sterile has had its hands around the throat of the joy that is getting dressed. Eternally, what's fashion about if not pleasure? 

Thanks then that Black Gold is dandy and a bit military, with shaggy coats, silk shirts and matching neckscarves, paisley roll necks, velvet jackets and leather trousers, in a palette incorporating the more sensual spectrum; mauve, deep purple, military green, antique gold and faded violet. There are cool pieces here for the pleasure of it, to be worn and enjoyed. Simple as that – and all the better for it.