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Jean Charles de Castelbajac – Esmeraldorado

Director Omar Lagda documents the making of Castelbajac’s SS13 show, a utopia inspired by Oscar Niemeyer

JC/DC has a career that spans decades – he made his mark in fashion with pop signatures such as the teddy bear coat, as worn by Madonna. In the mid 00s, his playful style found favour in London, with a new generation of MCs that riffed on his pow-wow street-beating attitude – which he in turn was nourished back by. That JC is a marquis, a French nobleman, only strengthens his style cocktail of high and low, mixing eras and genres. Director Omar Lagda documented Castelbajac's SS13 collection – here we screen the film as Lagda tells us more about the project.

"What I admire about Jean-Charles de Castelbajac is that he can make the mundane exciting and the exciting extraordinary. He has a keen perception on social morality which is expressed clearly through his clothes and art. He experiments with all the complexities of the human perception, and takes us on a journey to understand that. From cartoons reminiscent of childhoot to the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, there is a story being expressed to learn from.

Making the film was pretty intense and of course fun at the same time. I wanted to show people, particularly people not interested in fashion, that there is a story behind the clothes and that its not just all glamour.

My favorite memory of the day is when we delivered the project to JC and he decided to watch it right there and then. They looked my way and clapped afterwards with the biggest smiles. I was so happy I made them happy."

Director/Editor Omar Lagda
Producer Hélène Polverelli (H Represents)
Catwalk Photography Ilan Rosenblatt