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Premiere: Kitsuné AW12 film

Getting dressed the Kitsuné way in the music and fashion label's current collection

Kitsuné has embodied the new French wave since 2002, putting out electro – and whatever else they like the sound of – and dressing the scene they created. There's a nourishing contrast with what they do – the label, whose symbol is a fox (no need now to pop 'Kitsuné' into a translator) makes the sort of chic, classic clothing that the Ivy League fetishises, and sells it from their store near Paris' historic Palais Royale. Go to one of their parties however and in the small hours on the dancefloor things get hedonistic, it's all about losing yourself to the music. Classic with a twist is very current fashion vernacular, but never has it been more appropriate than to this label. We spoke to founders Gildas & Masaya about the AW12 collection and premiere the accompanying film, set to a track by Kitsuné-signed Citizens!

Dazed Digital: What are your highlights from the Kitsuné AW12 collection?
Gildas & Masaya:
At Maison Kitsuné we we always try to defining the "new classic" with distinguished clothing for men and women, of the highest quality for everyday life. Special care is given to the quality of the fabrics and the tailoring of the garments – strategic sourcing of factories that still embrace artisan methods for a durable and timeless product. The AW12 collection's inspiration is an old time cycling club. Imagine a very sophisticated, chic man cycling in the city with traditional attire. The women's collection is also composed by timeless pieces for women with a cool and modern vision of luxury.

DD: The label's style is very Parisian. Who are your favourite Parisian style icons?
Gildas & Masaya:
Our friends from the Kitsuné family: André, Olympia Le Tan, Sarah from Colette, Olivier Zahm, Jean Philippe Delhomme, Clemence Poésy and a lots of French artists like Phoenix or Daft Punk… At Kitsuné, we interact with people with whom we share a sense of creativity. We love collaborating with them on new projects.

DD: What's your favourite tune at the moment to get ready to?
Gildas & Masaya:
Kitsuné Maison 14 which is the new edition of Kitsuné Maison series! It's very special as it celebrates our tenth anniversary, so we treated ourselves to a particularly endearing selection that epitomises in many ways what Kitsuné’s about! Established Kitsuné artists like Two Door Cinema Club or Citizens!, beautiful newcomers like Saint Lou Lou or Rebecca Molina, cool dance tunes from The Magician or Plastic Plates – good for every moment of the day, in fact.

DIRECTOR Romain Sellier
ART DIRECTION Anne-Caroline Paute at 142 Agency
MODELS Henriett Barabas et Shane Gambill