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Back To Noise: Music and the Muse

“The music universe has codes that strongly influence my designs” says designer Catherine Dupire-Clément.

Like many European cities outside of the UK, Paris has long struggled to find its musical identity. Having never needed to strive for its fashionable self, it has musically long resisted the whole hearted embrace of English as the elected language of rock. Up until recent times, its attempts to oppose the overwhelming effects of British and American pop can now successfully lay claim to the consequences. Intended or otherwise, there remains a number of creatives adamant of the inspiration it has brought to their work, and Catherine Dupire-Clément is one of them.

One of many who cite the likes of French post punk bands Stinky Toys and Taxi Girl as major influences, she attributes the label’s punk, new wave attitude toward an alternative electro-dub scene on the radicals; and so the music  runs through the threads that hold her new collection together. “The music universe has codes that strongly influence my designs” speaks Dupire-Clément of her latest S/S 09 collection.  

Launching her debut label MYSELF in 2003, it wasn’t long after she decided to overhaul the brand to make a glorious comeback under the newly titled label BACK TO NOISE. Presenting two identical lines, one male, one female, they do share a number of things in common. Compiling silk, python and calfskin together with powerful prints and graphics, the ready-to-wear collections also come accompanied by a range of coveted bags and accessories. The use of precious materials and luxurious detailing enhance the very precise cut of the garments leaving behind the grungy, thrown together look of this season and guiding us head on towards an altogether more tailored collision of style. A neutral palette of blacks and greys take a backseat to the head turning citrine, purple and pink highlights nominated to carry the collections credentials of independent thinking.    

Looking to create items that are ‘befitting the daily rhythm of our needs, wants and innermost desires’, in Dupire-Clément ` own wise words to all wearers ‘I put my trust in you’ taken from the well known Joy Division song, might as well be sewn into the lining of every garment. The Back To Noise accessories designs also merge python inlays, silver studded real leather and gothic embellishments for all the rock n` roll trimmings you’d expect from a groupie of the highest order. Highlights include the “Vinyl’s bag” inspired by a DJ’s record carrier, and the “Fuck In Town” bag which, quite frankly does exactly what it says on the care label. With showrooms in both Paris and New York and sales taking off from both directions, it seems there shall be no silencing the label whom, in the music it decisively trusts, and as a muse it repays in kind.