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Dolce & Gabbana Womenswear SS13

Inspired by Sicily, Domenico and Stefano showed billowing short sleeves and full skirts in full-on carnival mode

The thing about the Dolce & Gabbana midi dress is that you can do whatever you want with it, the cut around the bust and waist is so defined as being the brand's.

But Domenico and Stefano have been elaborating beyond their signature for a couple of seasons now, and Spring/Summer 13 took that further, with billowing short sleeves and full skirts in carnival mode, inspired by their beloved Sicily in summer and its traditions. Outside the theatre Metropol there was another carnival going on, one of bloggers stopping everyone tribute-dressing or rocking a look. The difficulty getting into a fashion show now is no longer dependent on the PR at the door, but in passing through the (in general) horde that stopped off at Dixons on the way.

To a cactii backdrop, out came Kate King in a dress printed with Pupi – or marionettes clad in chivalric armour. The characters reappeared as doorknocker-sized earrings, alongside traditional Clatagirone pottery heads, this summer's take on the hyped Dolce pasta jewellery.

Embroidery, beadwork and pompoms featured heavily, whilst raffia and hessian was trickled-up: a 'sack' dress had no such life before, made in the brand's atelier. The 86 look collection culminated in a take on the crinoline before hitting the beach in a striped vintage bathing suit finale.

Domenico and Stefano are not just doing their bit for lifting fashion's spirits but for the Sicilian tourist board too. What goes with that dress? A fortnight in the sun...