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Topshop Unique Womenswear SS13

Let me work it...

Instead of outfitting girls for bohemian Bacchanalia, Topshop Unique offered confident minimalism, the reigning ethos on the catwalk with a sleek sensibility beholden to Jil Sander and early Donna Karan. Today's job-market is bleak, so creative director Kate Phelan thankfully armed her admirers with a capable, chic and workable wardrobe.

Although Unique's predominantly pale palette was potentially inappropriate for girls commuting to work, the sensibility was definitely going-places. The prints powerfully recalled Robert Motherwell's commanding canvases. The revolutionary Abstract Expressionist's work has been copied for countless corporate interiors and Topshop Unique's homages can gracefully slide into any boardroom.

While the slices of skin and slivers of midriff seen throughout the week peep through layers of organza, devoré, and printed georgette, nothing too inappropriate slipped into view. Instead, the blurred black-and-white tartan, abstract orbs and stripes were strong, intellectual and stable. Perfect for employing into everyday life.