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Moschino Cheap & Chic Womenswear SS13

Juicy colours from the non-minimalist 90s

What's in a name? Cheap & Chic is Moschino's more affordable line, although it must be said 'cheap' it is not. That's irreverence for you. Those without irony or a tongue-in-cheek might find themselves lost at the prospect of Franco Moschino's charming brand, presided over by Rossella Jardini since 1994.

This evening, multicoloured jean jackets were offered in suede, flares came in pineapple African prints, and footwear was either of the stompy, clubby lace-up kind or bright-as-you-like-runners for nipping to the garage post-club and buying 20 Benson in.

A collection of vibrant, juicy hues, the clothes shook up a sleepy Saturday evening London crowd, bringing to mind the charisma of 90s club style and yoof TV cannons. Today, it's names like Alexa Chung – of youth TV without the 'f' – that adapt Cheap & Chic's cute style. The latter half of the show, with its pastel colours instead of a sartorial version of The Word set, seemed more tailored to that. But we'll always have YouTube.