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James Long Womenswear SS13

Princess Julia talks us through the t-shirt printed with her watercolour painting

James Long is a designer known for leather, alongside knit it has been a signature ever since he began showing at London fashion week. This season he mixes hide with cotton, woven embroidered ribbon, pleats and scalloped edges in a monochromatic collection dedidcated to his favourite women, including PJ Harvey and Princess Julia. The latter was very evident in Long's ladylike silhouette, and buoyed by her inclusion in a recent group show at Simon Oldfield Gallery, the New Romantic icon has contributed a watercolour to Long's collection.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us about the watercolour design you've made for James' collection?
Princess Julia:
It was a collaboration, first of all. James saw some of my watercolours that he liked and we had a chat about it. The painting is of inspiring women he loves [Lulu Kennedy, Louise Gray, Charlotte Long]. And I love them too, actually! It's a fruition.

DD: It's your second ever commission, after your portrait of Morrissey?
Princess Julia:
Yes, I did a portrait of Morrissey for GQ Style and before that I had a portrait in a group show too at the Simon Oldfield Gallery. When I've got a moment I do my watercolouring – I've done them for about 20 years, I love the medium. I like how it's uncontrollable, in a way.