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EXCLUSIVE: Claire Barrow: Fashion East Womenswear SS13

The young punk shares her rockabilly-hued soundtrack with Dazed Digital, mixed by Nathan G Wilkins

Claire Barrow has made noise with her handpainted leather jackets, derived from punk subculture. Under the Fashion East umbrella, in a presentation at 50 St James, the designer expanded her ethos to a wardrobe for SS13, from rubber dungrees and 50s wool shirts to painted rain macs with silver zips that, squint and are reminiscent of the biker leathers she began with.

Barrow's gang of (boy and girl) rockabillies dress like young creative enigmas, borrowing styles of clothing from rebels of the past. Their garments indebted to drinking and alcohol, they draw on the type of genius creatives with warped minds that are no longer born.

Each look had its poison, from Tequila (a paper shirt and skirt) to Bourbon (a kimono), with silver charm-encrusted millinery by Noel Stewart.

"The soundtrack was a collection of songs that I love, that I'd listen to whilst designing the collection," says Barrow of the killer mix by Nathan G Wilkins. "Rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, punk (does rockabilly) and lo-fi recordings. And sound clips by Charles Bukowski, Morrissey, Crybaby Walker and John Lydon... my favourite enigmatic rebels."