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EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Raeburn Womenswear SS13 moo
EXCLUSIVE: Christopher Raeburn Womenswear SS13 moodboard

PREVIEW: Christopher Raeburn SS13 Womenswear

Female aviators and vintage silk maps are pinned to Raeburn's moodboard ahead of Sunday's show

For British designer Christopher Raeburn, green will forever be the new black. In his second standalone womenswear show this Sunday, the NEWGEN winner will once again put the spotlight on ethical fashion with his high-end urbanwear and its sustainable means of production. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006, the 30-year-old has given new meaning to reclaimed materials. In anticipation of his new collection, Raeburn takes us through his SS13 moodboard and hints at what to expect fron Sunday's show...

DD: What's defining the SS13 collection for you?
Christopher Raeburn:
The aesthetic is much more feminine and there is a subtle elegance throughout. We're also developing other categories outside of outerwear, in particularly the ready-to-wear separates and the accessories line.

DD: What are your main inspirations?
Christopher Raeburn:
We have taken particular inspiration from early female aviators. I really respect their functional but feminine look, it's inspiring in a sense of both style and adventure. The exploration theme is also repeated in the Remade line, which is based around vintage silk maps.

DD: Can you tell us more about the season's materials?
Christopher Raeburn:
 This season we have really focused on extensive fabric research. I still find it exciting to discover old garments and disused fabrics, incorporating them into my collections. As part of my Remade collection I have delved into the military archives and found the vintage maps, a surprisingly delicate material. I have also found exciting contemporary and functional materials.

DD: You've also become known for your hi-tech installations. Is this something we can expect for S/S13?
Christopher Raeburn: We are very much letting the collection speak for itself, and the humour and innovation of the installations will very much be evident in the range. As a team we're focused on getting the product right and showing it at its best. We do have one surprise up our sleeves…

DD: What are you most excited for in the near future?
Christopher Raeburn: We just launched a collaboration with Moncler for AW12 which I'm very proud of. I also have a new collaboration in development for SS13, which will see us move into a new product category, but I'll say no more for now!