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Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown SS13

Designers Daniel Silver and Steven Cox unveil their debut collection for the revered American sportswear brand

Sparkling cucumber lemonade and bite size ice cream sandwiches set the tone for a classy reinvention of the classic American sportswear label Perry Ellis. Duckie Brown, known for their boutique punk menswear leanings, drew a crowd of expectant and stylish men to witness a much anticipated unveiling. New York doesn't get a lot of menswear on the runway, but when it does it draws a crowd with some of the best men's looks in the city, and you could feel all their eyes on wearable pieces throughout the collection as it passed. It can be disastrous when the editorial meets the commercial for a collection, but in this case the tension produced cleanly tailored more-than-basics and some abstract green striped pieces that will surely be on the menswear blogs in months to come. It's an exciting access point for longtime fans of Duckie Brown, those looking to incorporate a little of the label's legacy into their everyday wardrobe.

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