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Exclusive preview sketch: Perry Ellis by Duckie Br
Exclusive preview sketch: Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown SS13

PREVIEW: Perry Ellis by Duckie Brown SS13

Ahead of tomorrow's show we preview an exclusive design sketch by the designers – and find out what's in store

Menswear duo Duckie Brown take the reins at American institution Perry Ellis this season.

Showing their anticipated debut collection tomorrow in New York, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver have designed the American sportswear line based upon the founder's legacy, in combination with their point of view.

"We started by watching more than 100 videos of Perry's runway shows and learned very quickly that Perry Ellis had a sense of humor, and so do we," explains Daniel Silver. "There was an ease to what he did that really matched what we do. So that was our starting place."

"There's an image of Perry Ellis you've seen a thousand times of him wearing a pale blue shirt and khaki trousers," Cox elaborates. "That's America, and we’re doing an American collaboration. So we have to be honest to it. It's part homage, part quirky and all deeply stylish."

Given this is the brand of American sportswear, expect reinterpretations of modern standards: the mac, trench, hoodie, tracksuit and baseball cap. And a gold mesh tank, because now Perry Ellis is seen through the eyes of two of NY menswear's most courageous.