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Patrik Ervell SS13

Each day as a far-out adventure

This summer in the city has been a wet one. It's an incredible challenge to find the right pair of shoes that relieve your feet from the muggy heat but can still get soaked during an inevitable sudden downpour when you're running a mile a minute all over town. Ideally, waterproof sports sandals would be more attractive, but this elusive combination of fashion and function is still catching up with the changing global climate, which will only become more oscillating and impossible to dress for. Patrik Ervell, however, is taking these demands in stride, presenting what looked to be the perfect re-imagined 90's sandals (an Aldo RISE collaboration) and a collection of sport-tech inspired ensembles that would look smart under any circumstances. The best dressed people you'll ever see on the street are those that know what best to weather the storm in, utilising the function in their garments to achieve a style of ease and comfort. They've accepted nature's wild tantrums by approaching each day as if it were a natural adventure.

Dazed Digital: What were some of the inspirations behind this collection?
Patrik Ervell:
I just got back from California and was thinking about how, at least now, outdoor clothing often looks the most tech-y; things like North Face and Teva, both California brands. I love that weird mix of something being super high-tech with experimental shapes. Sometimes it's a little over the top tech-y but meant for the outdoors; streams and fields and mountains. I just like that strange tension.

DD:How do you see that fitting into an urban landscape?
Patrik Ervell:
I think it can be really beautiful. When I see, especially in menswear, the most sort of extreme garments are these outdoor tech-y clothes and I always notice that.