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Alexander Wang Womenswear SS13

Under the black light fantastic

The lights went off and all the invites were glowing. Glow In The Dark is a trick usually reserved for Halloween or psychedelics, the science fiction shorthand for "futuristic being" or "supernatural." Maybe even "not of this world". This was, of course, a clue for the finale, a set of white-blonde models in bright white versions of the collection's predominant pieces, standing under their individual beams of light on the runway. The lights went off and the dresses were glowing, their alien green silhouettes floating in the darkness. Imagine a club full of laser cut panel numbers, held together with netting or spiderweb strings, giving us an image like a gyrating green sea of particles, electrons held together by the nucleus of the body they orbit. It will be a testament to Wang's devoted nocturnal social set when these dresses hit the streets, professional nightlife machines that can guarantee their frock will be seen even under cover of pitch black darkness. A statement of intent once more as Wang, legendary fête thrower himself is back from hiatus this season: a few hours ago he threw a blowout with surprise guest Busta Rhymes.