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Edun Womenswear SS13

Military versus lingerie, an exhibit of the solar plexus

Edun's show came on the afternoon of an Indian Summer heat wave. Jungle heat radiated through the room as spectators watched enviously while models strutted around in nothing more than shorts and military bra tops, their torsos bared or lightly flanked by silk jackets. As people leaned forward to keep the sweat from touching the fronts of their shirts, it seemed so powerful and desirable to bare all, or as much as possible. Not just a midriff, crop-top type baring but a full-on solar plexus exposition. Ayurvedic healing will tell you that the Manipura Chakra, or Sun Chakra, is located behind the solar plexus and responsible for absorbing and metabolising life-sustaining Prana from the Sun. It's also associated with gut behind the navel, along with dynamism, digestion, willpower and intuition. This brings to mind the term "trust your gut", a way of listening to your body and letting your judgment guide you. If the universe tells you to, show it your plexus.

Dazed Digital: Tell me about the themes and inspirations for this collection.
Sharon Wauchob:
I was thinking a lot at the beginning of the season of 'iconic' and how that fits within Edun. I felt that the iconic element is something that really seems to work with Edun, whether it's military or lingerie. I wanted to go deeper into that and how we could bring it together, especially the two opposites: the more utilitarian iconic with the more soft and intimate iconic. For me really it was playing with those two opposites. It allowed me to play with the two elements I really like in people which is the hard and soft.

DD: There was a lot of skin being bared there...
Sharon Wauchob: Yes! That's the fun thing with Edun, it's got that youth and freshness, why not explore that a little bit more?

DD: Were there any muses or images you were looking at when starting this collection?
Sharon Wauchob:
 This season I wasn't looking so much at an individual I was really looking more at the modern girl, but I was looking back and doing a lot of research into very detailed lingerie and the woman who wore that. There were some historical references but really it was pushing them into the modern age.