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Marc Jacobs Womenswear SS13

Op Art and sex in simplicity

From the runway's wall of swinging 60s mirrored doors and plush carpeted seating down to the sequined black and white striped jumpsuit, the whole thing was so Mod and so cool. Exaggerated Möbius strips curved and wound around the body, wavy scalloped hemlines, collars and Op Art designs hung dispassionately and complimentary to the scratchy sounds of rock and roll. It's hard to think about what makes a Mod girl's look so cool, as cool is a slippery term that works against definition. The second you put your finger on it is when it changes forms and disappears. Perhaps it's sex inside simplicity, the organic mystery that lives between the lines of structure in a simple dress. Maybe it's her open take on the world, a sort of neutral hedonism that embraces what is natural, feeling free and easy within a minimal design element to accentuate it. We want to follow the natural curve to its end, or at least follow its path in guided reverie. Even the program details were too cool to care, with no material information or descriptions, listing an incredible full length grid mosaic tile dress with pleats as "T-SHIRT." Don't think too much about it, just go with the flow and follow the stripes where they lead you.