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Exclusive design sketch: Suno Womenswear SS13

EXCLUSIVE: Suno Womenswear SS13

Encouraged by Anna Wintour, Max Osterweist and Erin Beatty played with eveningwear. We showcase an exclusive design sketch

The Suno show ended with a wedding dress. Not a church wedding, or a Las Vegas wedding, or the type of wedding where there are either a chicken or a steamed carrot plate and table numbers and red velvet chairs. This would have been a wedding in a meadow, or a wedding on a family porch, under a gazebo or even at the courthouse with a justice of the peace. It would have been an easy wedding, the kind that's done for all the right reasons and leaves formality at the door in exchange for love and celebration. Violets are the pattern, off white is the color, the straps barely carry the weight down to a slightly ruffled hemline. There's an elegance that comes with adopting ease rather than effort, and the more formal Suno will find itself in a setting where it's the only one quietly in favour of sentiment over sensation. Designed by Erin Beatty with Max Osterweist, Dazed Digital caught up with the duo backstage.

Dazed Digital: What were the flowers printed on the last dress?
Erin Beatty:
 Those were violets. You know, we've never really taken a step into eveningwear or into wedding wear or into gowns; that was actually encouraged by Anna Wintour herself. I was so intimidated but in the end I really love it.

DD: What was it like working in that single, long silhouette?
Erin Beatty:
 I would say it was really hard. Fitting it was hard, we'd never done anything like that. I was literally on the ground underneath the dress. You had to lay out paper all the time so that they hem wouldn't get dirty. I remember turning to my assistant and saying 'What does Oscar de La Renta do, does he just cover the ground in paper? How do people work like this?!' There's also an underlayer, so the model was picking up the top layer and walking around to make sure that was the right length. It was actually very hard.

DD: Do you feel like that has pushed you to a new level or a direction you want to go in? Or is that piece special?
Max Osterweist:
 I think there are moments were people want to wear Suno to evening events, friends of ours or other customers. When Anna came to visit us six weeks ago she said you know it would be interesting if you guys did something like a wedding dress.

Erin Beatty: I think what the coolest part is about those dresses is that they don't feel that dressed up. I hate feeling too dressed up, I hate feeling uncomfortable or being in something tight or like I'm showing something off or trying to look sexy or trying, at all. That's something I love about those dresses and that's something I would like to continue to explore, because I love the idea of offering women options where they still feel comfortable. They can wear it with ballet flats and still feel beautiful, and yet they still feel dressed up.