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EXCLUSIVE SHOOT: Chanel 1932 fine jewellery

Diamonds are forever in a reissue of early 20th century Coco designs

Gabrielle Chanel's propulsion of costume jewellery left its mark on style forever, revelling in the subversion and whim of all-that-glitters-isn't-gold cocktail sparkle.

That mix of high-low is an established dynamic in the upper echelons of fashion culture today, so it's an interesting occasion for the house to draw a parallel to the climate of 1932, championing authenticity from the world's most revered fine jewellery destination, Paris' Place Vendôme, and the Chanel Fine Jewellery boutique, which directly faces Coco's suite at the Ritz.

Photographer Adrian Crispin and Dazed and Confused's fashion director Karen Langley photographed the re-issued Collection 1932 during the A/W12 haute couture shows, a period when the hardcore ring-for-entry boutique buzzer is as present as birdsong. Dazed Digital harks back to the words of Gabrielle Chanel herself, at the original presentation of the jewellery, which is based around star and comet imagery, from 7th-19th November 1932.

"In my profession, any means is legitimate, provided it is only used in the true spirit of fashion.

I started creating costume jewellery because I felt that it was refreshingly free of arrogance, during a period that tended towards ostentatious displays of luxury. This consideration faded into the background during the economic recession, when, in every sphere of life, there emerged an instinctive desire for authenticity, and amusing trinkets were once again put into their proper perspective.

If I have chosen diamonds, it is because they represent the greatest value in the smallest volume. And my love of things that glitter has inspired me to try to combine elegance and fashion through the medium of jewellery."

Photography Adrian Crispin using the Leica S2 and M6
Styling Karen Langley
Hair Christian Eberhard at Julian Watson Agency
Make-Up Michelle Rainer
Nails Charlene Coquard at ArtList Paris
Model Georgia Hilmer at NEXT Paris
Location Light Kitchen Studio
Special Thanks To Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer