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Katie Eary

Katie Eary

The high-octane mens and womenswear designer muses on Irvine Welsh

Katie Eary is a designer who keeps fashion dreaming, colliding skate clothes and womenswear finesse with serious attitude in her collections. After riffing on Los Angeles and baroque for her S/S13 show, Dazed Digital caught up with Eary to learn of her recurrent literary obsession...

"At the moment, and for the past seven years, I have been OBSESSED with Irvine Welsh, from his books through to his Channel 4 drama, 'Wedding Belles'.

Welsh creates characters that embody the ugliest possible demons, the hatred and disgust you have towards them is something else. He always makes these twisted characters wing it in life, all of them destroying the lives around them whilst sailing through. They are such insanely dark, fucked-up people you just cannot put the books down. I love the earlier books in particular, my utter favourites being 'Filth' and 'Marabou Stork Nightmares'. I did a collection based on 'Marabou Stork Nightmares', A/W10, and to date it still really stands out. The more I'm in love with the research the stronger the collections are.

Welsh's novels are contemporary art in words. I love that he writes in phonetic Scottish, Cockney, or whatever/wherever the characters are from. The subjects are raw and heartbreaking yet hilarious the next moment. The ability to write about all taboos and still you cannot help but get swept away both into Leith (where most of his books are based) and by the most vulgar men (of which I'd hope never to meet).

It all started when someone lent me 'Ecstasy' in my first year at uni, from the first chapter I was an avid fan. In the first chapter you read about an obese woman trying to eat chocolate so quickly that she'll trick her body into thinking it hasn't happened. Within moments she is having a stroke and her husband couldn't care less. He takes her to hospital and then we learn about his secret flat filled with an array of 'dark' pornos and a mattress with a camera. Next he's giving money to a hospital charity so they turn a blind eye to him shagging all the dead bodies arriving, no matter what age or sex."

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