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Renzo Rosso's Portraits For Successful Living

Exclusive behind the scenes images from Steven Meisel's A/W12 Diesel Screen Test campaign

Karen Elson, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Jamie Bochert, Fei Fei Sun, Coco Rocha, Mirte Maas, Sid Ellisdon, Ethan James, Yuri Pleskun, Sallieu Jalloh and Dae Na are the cast of Steven Meisel's A/W12 Screen Test campaign for Diesel, realised by Dazed co-founder Jefferson Hack's creative agency, MAD London. Models were invited to enter the frame and role-play to the camera to create a series of creative and playful moments, the latest installment of Diesel's 'Portraits for Successful Living'. Dazed Digital showcases behind the scenes images from the campaign and asks the brand's founder and creative director Renzo Rosso what would be his perfect portrait.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us about how 'Portraits for Successful Living' relates to the attitude of Diesel?
Renzo Rosso:
It's provoking, polished but rebellious at the same time, trying to give a representation of a moment when everybody is constantly in front of a camera: virtual or real, we are all playing a role. And we are asked to play it at our best.

DD: The casting mixing catwalk faces with a street feeling. Is the idea of contrast important to you?
Renzo Rosso:
It has always been, but not just in itself for the sake of contrast. We want to show how there isn't just one Diesel consumer. Everybody can share our philosphy, you just need to find your personal style and express yourself.

DD: If anyone could create your 'Portrait for Successful Living' who would it be? And how would you pose?
Renzo Rosso:
Mark Seliger, and the pose would be... stupid! Just joking, I would rather just interpret the moment, without thinking too much about it.