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EXCLUSIVE: Miharayasuhiro Menswear S/S13

Show stylist Robbie Spencer talks a modern take on 50s rebel...

The show went very well, this season Mihara collaborated with the japanese artist Jun Inoue, he painted a giant white canvas screen live whilst the models walked down the catwalk, and also collaborated with Mihara on the some of the fabric prints for the collection.

The collection was inspired by the David Lynch film 'Wild At Heart', inspired by motorcycle racing and iconic items of clothing from 1950's youth culture such as the biker jacket, bowling shirt, Members Only jacket, summer loafers, a red leather James Dean 'Rebel Without A Cause' blouson jacket, and over sizing, re-fabricating and applying the detailing of the garments in unexpected ways, like adding the collar of a biker jacket to a suit jacket seen in look 1, or the panelled detailing of leather biker trousers applied to chino trousers. Mihara also explored a new embossing technique by fusing and layering two fabrics together, using snake and crocodile prints as a pattern applied to summer classics such as chinos, tailored shorts, crew neck t-shirts and bowling shirts, then painted over to give a batik effect.

Malcolm De Ruiter who opened the show was great, I also like the look of Kristoffer Hasslevall, Anders Hayward and new Kapanese model Satoshi Toda who we used exclusively for Paris.

I really liked the look Adrien Sahores wore, the pink and black satin rodeo style bowling shirt and black leather biker trousers. Adrien Sahores is one of those few models that seems to be able to pull off any look you put on him.

The soundtrack Mihara mixed himself and featured his wife Hiromi Uehara, a Jazz composer and pianist, whilst the amazing Odile Gilbert created the hair, back to front wet look grungy chignons. She was so great to work with and instantly understood the look we were imagining, a classic 50's quiff but given a cooler, more easy dishevelled feel.

We had quite a spontaneous hair and make-up moment during the finale of the show, adding paint to some of the models' faces and in their hair, using the same technique as the giant canvas Jun was painting during the show – make-up artist Marie Duhart skilfully applied the paint to the models faces backstage just in the nick of time.