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Kris Van Assche Menswear S/S13

White t-shirt dressing

Following his ongoing interest in the man and his uniform, Kris Van Assche's Spring/Summer 13 offering was one of monochrome looks, albeit in a variety of colours. Alongside his signatures of white and black, the designer introduced reds, beige and a number of blue denim looks. Cuts were sporty alongside the more tailored, as he is known for, but this season we saw layering coming through in a number of different styles. T-shirts were laid over long sleeves, shorts over trousers. Arms were detachable, but not only to continue his sense of varying lengths, but also to allow the wearer to move from day to night in the same outfit. Flexibility was key this season, with Kris looking to provide a full wardrobe for his man. Interested in the way a man does dress and what he feels comfortable in, the collection was very much about providing something simple but with impact. Making his man stand out without feeling like he was doing so.

"It was a very colourful collection for my habits. There is light blue, there is red, there is black and white. I really wanted an upbeat show, a high energy show. I kept each look pretty much in one colour though as I also really like the idea of uniforms. They looked like sports team. I like guys to look the same but they are never really the same. Show a white t-shirt on a beige pant seven times but they are never really the same pant or the same t-shirt. I quite like this idea of uniformity but at the same time allowing personality to come through anyway. The zippers on the sleeves meant that you could remove them. My shows are always about mixing sportswear and something more formal, so to put zippers on a white shirt is kind of what it's all about. It's a shirt you can wear in the office and it's a shirt that you can wear out. I like to think that you can go anywhere at anytime in my clothes. That is my idea of the modern act of real men."