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Mugler Menswear S/S13

Dazed & Confused executive fashion editor Nicola Formichetti talks about disconnecting wi-fi and heading under the sea

Nicola Formichetti is one of the most infamous stylists today. Teaming with super-future designer Romain Kremer, their Mugler has made an impression on menswear scene since the project began in 2011. Progressive cuts and fabrics are at the core of the aesthetic, moving the label forwards, from black to white through soft reds, blues, coral pinks and iridescent tailored layers. Dazed Digital caught up with Nicola after the high velocity show, the pounding electronic soundtrack still ringing in our ears, to discuss what Formichetti has learnt and the evolution of the label under his direction...

"I wanted to kind of switch off a bit this season and have less wi-fi attached to me, so I went under the sea to hide away from all this technology that surrounds us. I started taking inspiration from underwater sea creatures, all the colours came from corals, the water and sand, it was kind of a breathing time for me. The iridescent colours came from jellyfish, I wanted it to feel relaxed, comforting. Learning from what I had done previously I wanted to make this much more wearable, we have a new tailoring team and its much easier to wear. I wanted to do something fresh and simple that we want to wear. There was a focus on the graphic shirts and simple pastel suits, what I feel a modern man should wear. It was tough and masculine but neutral. It's not too big, not too skinny. I have learnt a lot in the past seasons, a lot of that has been about teamwork and collaboration which is very much at the heart of what Mugler is now. To really do your vision you have to work with lots of people. It's always a continuation, it's not perfect but we are moving in the right direction. Pushing forwards and dreaming is very important to me. I think I would die if I stopped dreaming. For me that is what its about, this is not work, it is, in a way, day-dreaming. Working is boring and I think everyone really should dream more."