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John Lawrence Sullivan Menswear S/S13

Vogue Hommes Japan's Junsuke Yamasaki, friend of Dazed & Confused, tells us about the Japanese menswear brand...

John Lawrence Sullivan is the Japanese brand that has, like many before, made the journey from Tokyo to Paris, bringing their designes to Europe. Junsuke Yamasaki of Vogue Hommes Japan (and former editor of Dazed Japan) is our guide...

"John Lawrence Sullivan is very popular in Japan, both for fashion industry people and everyone else. Arashi Yanagawa, designer behind the brand has been making great tailoring pieces that are mostly slim and well-fitted for the small Japanese audience (we always have size-lag problem with western brands!). Now JLS has its womens collection as well.

Of course, there are millions of risks to throw shows in Paris rather than sticking to Japan Fashion Week, but I'm sure he made the right decision at the right time. Apparently, they have more and more customers from all over the world. My favourite looks from the show were the graphic sleeveless tops and backpack looks. There was a strength and statement style there."