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EXCLUSIVE: Lee Roach Menswear S/S13

Collection stylist Melissa Thompson talks strength and minimalism...

PhotographyMorgan O'Donovan

A clean and defined collection, minimalist values and ideas were current throughout Lee Roach's clothes, cuts delicate and played with body shape to great effect. The designer used detailing to really give his eloquent collection an elegance that seemed mature for a designer so young. Straps and loops were used instead of buttons, a nice and understated touch, and occasional asymmetry lifted the collection as a whole. Following on from our preview of Lee Roach's Spring/Summer 13 collection, which was inherently inspired by the work of artist Felix Gonzalez Torres, we caught up with Roach's stylist, Melissa Thompson, after the show...

"Myself and Lee have been working together all season and it has been a really collaborative process for both of us. Lee has a really strong idea of the way he wanted the boys to look and the man he wanted to create, masculine and very desirable but still real. I wanted it to be very natural and I think that is what we achieved and what fits well with the way Lee works. It was very clean, refined and minimalistic in the styling, as are his clothes. As Lee always says, it's a very uncompromising man, very strong and true to himself. It is a very classic approach to styling and fashion."