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Tattoos and birds in silver...

Jewellery designer Duffy talks inspiration and the importance of intuition in his design process...

"I don’t specifically work seasonally because my jewellery is fine jewellery, it's more about when I’m ready or when I feel I want to make something. Obviously I wanted to do a couple of new pieces for the presentation, a ring and a necklace as a matching pair. The necklace is a container on a chain, quite ornate in silver with a ruby set in the back and a bird on the front. And there's another with a sapphire.

I started reading lots of mythology – I don’t ever find themes in my work, I prefer to let ideas pop into my head, everyday you're taking things in, watching films, reading books and in the end it comes out somehow.

I've been thinking about how I recently started tattooing, I've tattooed about 20 people so far. So there is the idea of Japanese tattoos. The hummingbird and the lotus flower seem to pop up loads as images of power and strength, so I thought that fitted perfectly with menswear. Although jewellery’s quite a feminine thing, it’s still a manly thing if you go back in time, my work has this heaviness, you know you're wearing it, they're pieces that you wear all the time and become part of your story."

Photography Olena Slyesarenko