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East London 2012: Marios Schwab

EXCLUSIVE FILM: The acclaimed designer on his memories of the area and what he thinks of the impending Olympics

A good debate never goes away... we're still talking about east London and what it looks like today compared to 15 years ago when the area was still unexploited and raw. What has happened since and what consequences will the Olympics have? In conjunction with Dazed's May issue, titled 'Is East London Dead?, we created a timeline on Dazed Digital, mapping the changes in east London through your memories of both good and bad times. The result, 'A Secret History of East London', is an interactive map of the area seen through your eyes. As part of the debate, we've spoken to influential creatives, the people that helped shape the area into what it is... Today, we chat to acclaimed designer Marios Schwab!

Get involved with our interactive project, A Secret History of East London, HERE. Post a memory on the timeline, mapping the development of the area